Thursday, December 13, 2012

DFM: Final - Finished!

The final product is here! 

I'm definitely happier than I previously thought I would be with this. The colors ended up coming together nicely but not too too much in my opinion.

After we lined our artwork, we met up and compiled our two files. We then got to work coloring, finishing up our comic panels, and animating out individual objects. This was done using Photoshop's Animation capabilities. 

We think that even though the image may be busy, the animated objects allow for a nice focal point. It came out to be an illustration packed full of information, and it's almost exactly what we invisioned. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DFM: Final - Progress 4

For this week's progress Beth and I got together and put our sketches together to see which direction we should head. We decided to solidify background elements and line everything out. I first sketched what I wanted to do and revised the pose of my character, then loosely gave form to the overall shape.

I'm not too too satisfied with the lines, but I am ok with the amount of work that I put into them considering being swamped with finals. 

Here's the sketch - 

Here's the line work.

For next week we'd like to have the comic panels drawn out and everything colored. Final touches and animation will be added accordingly.