Sunday, November 25, 2012

DFM: Final - Progress I

For this week, I wanted to work on solidifying concept and color as well as get started on some general things for next week.

Because we wanted a warm vs. cool palette, we decided to go with an orange vs. blue color palette in such a way that we could pick the colors that we wanted, but we wanted them to be affected by the two dominant schemes of warm (orange) and cool (blue). 

My character - the missionary, is supposed to come from a warmer desert-like environment. Such will be her background, and we're hoping to intertwine this with an urban landscape for even more contrast.  

Here's the color and concept design:

Here are some loose concepts for panels and poses in the final illustration. I'd really like to go with the character finding a broken down church in search of something to keep going after this apocalypse, finding new drive and inspiration in religion to keep her going and her hoping to spread this hope to other survivors through the word of God. She will find religious items to help her along the way, and in the final panel will show her devotion by marking herself with her own blood to show her devotion.

The pose on the right is very loose, but will be part of the final illustration once it is refined. This can be worked on once I sit down with Beth and figure out the specifics. 

Until next week!

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