Monday, October 29, 2012

DFM: The Lost Files - Week of October 30th

As the final days are being spent working, Chay and I are reaching completion on these backgrounds. They are coming out very nicely, and I'm finally finished drawing out the base line work for all of them.

In these last few days I will be helping with color and finalization so that the animators can start importing the files into their work. Everything seems to be coming along smoothly!

Some of the backgrounds have different effects to them that are being used for an interesting composition and perspective. We wanted the overall part of the short film where the main character was in the 'internet' to be more animated and lively. We felt as though the 'fish eye' and perspective effects helped to emphasize that a little more.

Here are the background drawings I've finished up from last week:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DFM: The Lost Files - Background Progress Cont.

 It's the next Tuesday in the series of work on The Lost Files and not much has changed other than working on drawing out more backgrounds! Chay has started to color and render over my drawings in Illustrator and they are coming out really great.

In these drawings I really tried to pay attention to detail with the environments and use key elements to help make them recognizable. Hopefully you'll be able to pick out which room is which website!

Otherwise, I've just been working on achieving a sense of depth and perspective structurally with the rest of these drawings. Things are really coming along!

Friday, October 12, 2012

DFM - The Lost Files: Background Progress

So this week I've basically been getting acquainted with the backgrounds that I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks. As a background artist, we decided that it was a good idea for me to meet with the story team while they storyboarded to help out and give them some ideas for environments. 

It's sort of been a collaborative effort since then, but now it's going to be all on me and Chay to get these things cranked out before the actual animation is done. I think in order to make it easier on myself that I'm just going to sketch out the structure to the backgrounds first and then have it approved by Tara and Emma before I go into Illustrator to work on the finished product. This way, the animators can use the sketches to animate on until the backgrounds are produced and polished.

We've decided to do them in a consistent double 1920x1080 format so that they can be zoomed into if needed. Chay and I have also decided to split them up by odds and evens so that there's more of a consistent look as opposed to one half looking one way and one half looking another (even if it's just by minor details). 

Here are some of the sketches that I've done so far:

There'll be more of these to come next week, and I'll probably have started refining some of them as well. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

DFM - Project Lost Files: Background Sketches

For the newest project in Design for Media we were assigned to different voted on projects. I am part of Emma Pennington's team and was assigned the part of a background artist. The story is about a young girl who loses track of her files on a school computer and then chases after a troll through the internet that stole them. 

I came up with the idea to turn websites into actual environments as you can see below.