Friday, September 7, 2012

DFM - Project Hiroshi Hayakawa Update

I've started to look for color palettes that I can use on this final illustration. I wanted to be inspired from the fashion lines for the actual clothing, and inspired from the artists for the final illustration.

I came up with these palettes using the Color Scheme Designer. For the clothing, I wanted a palette that was dominated by blues because I felt it would speak to the characters' 'icy' aesthetic. I am trying to decide if I want my palette to be simple or complex.

I am leaning toward the second just because of the range of color that is available. 

For the actual illustration I wanted to keep the clothing palette, but make it seem as though it had been affected by a warmer palette with a green accent so that it created more tension between the characters (since it is supposed to be a fighting game illustration, after all).

The next post will be reference photos and a the sketch for the final illustration.

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