Friday, August 31, 2012

Design for Media Project I: Hiroshi Hayakawa - Inspirations

We were assigned our first project in Design for Media today called "The Hiroshi Hayakawa Project", and is named such because it was inspired by his work. I immediately had an idea of what I'd like to attempt. Because this class is supposed to be much more than just a self-project type class, I'd really like to try to push the boundaries with what I can create and hopefully show some of my process along the way. There were two different parts of this project that we could choose from, and I decided to go along with the one that would fit the integration of game and character design. 

The guide lines are as such: Create a collection of objects or figures that are related by a theme, color and design. 

As this concept runs through my mind, I instantly become excited to understand that this is the perfect way to create a couple of characters that I can implement some of my favorite concepts and design elements into. I also thought about doing a fashion design project, but I figured it'd be interesting to combine the two. I'd really like to treat this like a "fighting game" type character design with extensive connections between them, so I started to think of the common connections that I could use to keep the characters different, but at the same time cohesive all while fitting the two themes together.

1) Clothing
2) Theme
3) Color
4) Powers/Special Abilities
5) Story

I really wanted to focus on designing a solid set of beautiful characters, so I decided to nix the story part and focus a little bit on everything else.

So, I started going through the list. Because I wanted to focus a bit more on the aesthetic appearance of each character (so that I could integrate the fashion design part) as opposed to functionality, I immediately began going through different collections of my favorite fashion designers. I found a couple of common themes that inspired me, and I'll list the designers and collections after each photo.

I love the different textures achieved here with the different types of fabric, pattern cuts and fur.

McQueen's patterns (in both senses of the word) and textures never cease to amaze me. I very much like the idea of incorporating emblems much like in the four framing images to differentiate each character, and I find inspiration in the light and oriental aesthetics.

There's something compelling about the 'Ice Queen' type look in this collection. I fell in love with the faces and make up done more than anything else (the clothes weren't my favorite). That being said, I felt that the outfits on the left and right were very well done and I felt inspired to incorporate sheer fabrics into my design. We also see more emblem-like pieces utilized here, which I can combine with McQueen's inspirations to make something very interesting.

All of that being said, I think I'd like to create some very interesting characters that identify with these emblems. They'll come from what looks like a snowy environment which will be achieved from the fur, layers of clothing and makeup. I might extend the various ornamental elements from the above 2009 collection to create some crazy head dresses or weapons as well. As far as color goes, I think I'm going to keep the palette high-key (besides the furs and accent accessories) with several different types of metals, mixed with sky blues, creams and possibly some bright colors to pop. Black is a must to help with contrast. I'd like to keep in mind that this project is definitely going to be more for the design and aesthetic aspect than it is functionality, because hey, who doesn't like looking at pretty things? 

Sketches and concept designs will be in the following post when I can get around to it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Post!

I'm excited to be making my first post! Because I'm not working on anything currently, I figured I would post some of my previous work.