Thursday, December 13, 2012

DFM: Final - Finished!

The final product is here! 

I'm definitely happier than I previously thought I would be with this. The colors ended up coming together nicely but not too too much in my opinion.

After we lined our artwork, we met up and compiled our two files. We then got to work coloring, finishing up our comic panels, and animating out individual objects. This was done using Photoshop's Animation capabilities. 

We think that even though the image may be busy, the animated objects allow for a nice focal point. It came out to be an illustration packed full of information, and it's almost exactly what we invisioned. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DFM: Final - Progress 4

For this week's progress Beth and I got together and put our sketches together to see which direction we should head. We decided to solidify background elements and line everything out. I first sketched what I wanted to do and revised the pose of my character, then loosely gave form to the overall shape.

I'm not too too satisfied with the lines, but I am ok with the amount of work that I put into them considering being swamped with finals. 

Here's the sketch - 

Here's the line work.

For next week we'd like to have the comic panels drawn out and everything colored. Final touches and animation will be added accordingly. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

DFM: Final - Progress 3

This week Beth and I decided that we wanted to work on layout and pose finalization. I started laying in where I wanted my character, panel separation and background to be. Once Beth finishes her side, we're going to merge them together and see if we need to rearrange anything. We're going to start on the animation after we're done finalizing pose things.

Here is what I have!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

DFM: Final - Progress I

For this week, I wanted to work on solidifying concept and color as well as get started on some general things for next week.

Because we wanted a warm vs. cool palette, we decided to go with an orange vs. blue color palette in such a way that we could pick the colors that we wanted, but we wanted them to be affected by the two dominant schemes of warm (orange) and cool (blue). 

My character - the missionary, is supposed to come from a warmer desert-like environment. Such will be her background, and we're hoping to intertwine this with an urban landscape for even more contrast.  

Here's the color and concept design:

Here are some loose concepts for panels and poses in the final illustration. I'd really like to go with the character finding a broken down church in search of something to keep going after this apocalypse, finding new drive and inspiration in religion to keep her going and her hoping to spread this hope to other survivors through the word of God. She will find religious items to help her along the way, and in the final panel will show her devotion by marking herself with her own blood to show her devotion.

The pose on the right is very loose, but will be part of the final illustration once it is refined. This can be worked on once I sit down with Beth and figure out the specifics. 

Until next week!

Monday, November 12, 2012

DFM: Final Project - Proposal

It's finally that time! This course has gone by so quickly, and it's been a lot of fun so far. With this last project, I'll hopefully be able to go out with a bang.

The project description read as something that I usually dread - "Do whatever you want."

At first I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I let the ability to work with others guide me. I've always been fond of my good friend Beth Wollman and her artistic abilities, and thought that it'd be fun to work with her on a project considering our similar work ethic and drive to make something fantastic. As soon as I proposed the idea to her, I knew that this project was going to be a lot of fun.

Because both of our styles lend themselves well to a comic-like application, I proposed the idea of working on a one page spread including individual panels that came together into a joint illustration between the two of us. To clarify things, here is a sketch of the layout:

Beth agreed that this would be interesting, and took it a step further by integrating our majors and turning the illustration into a "moving illustartion". We'd ultimately like to create out illustration in photoshop, and animate secondary actions in a loop so that we could incorporate a dynamic element to the entire presentation. 

We quickly set off to discussion about theme and what we could use to make for an interesting final piece. It was agreed that conflict would make for an interesting joint illustration, and we came up with several different themes that could work for this. We discussed sci-fi, nautical and post-apocalyptic ideas, and ultimately decided on post-apocalyptic.

We added just a touch more concept and decided that we were going to put the story of two different groups of survivors conflicting over resources, and each side had something driving them. Beth was inspired by military, and I was inspired by missionaries. We figured that the idea of unnecessary conflict was a strong concept, and this would be further enhanced by the two different groups fighting over something when they could ultimately end up coming together and benefitting each other instead. 

We sketched a bit, and then talked about color decisions. We decided that we are going to use a limited color palette driven by a blue and orange complementary scheme. 

Here are some inspirations of mine for this project:

Color Inspiration:

Concept art for JOURNEY - Matt Nava

Stylistic Inspiration:

Various Works - Hamlet Machine 

We'd like to work in Photoshop and use it's animation feature.

Here is the chart that we'll be using to organize our time:

Monday, October 29, 2012

DFM: The Lost Files - Week of October 30th

As the final days are being spent working, Chay and I are reaching completion on these backgrounds. They are coming out very nicely, and I'm finally finished drawing out the base line work for all of them.

In these last few days I will be helping with color and finalization so that the animators can start importing the files into their work. Everything seems to be coming along smoothly!

Some of the backgrounds have different effects to them that are being used for an interesting composition and perspective. We wanted the overall part of the short film where the main character was in the 'internet' to be more animated and lively. We felt as though the 'fish eye' and perspective effects helped to emphasize that a little more.

Here are the background drawings I've finished up from last week:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DFM: The Lost Files - Background Progress Cont.

 It's the next Tuesday in the series of work on The Lost Files and not much has changed other than working on drawing out more backgrounds! Chay has started to color and render over my drawings in Illustrator and they are coming out really great.

In these drawings I really tried to pay attention to detail with the environments and use key elements to help make them recognizable. Hopefully you'll be able to pick out which room is which website!

Otherwise, I've just been working on achieving a sense of depth and perspective structurally with the rest of these drawings. Things are really coming along!

Friday, October 12, 2012

DFM - The Lost Files: Background Progress

So this week I've basically been getting acquainted with the backgrounds that I'll be working on for the next couple of weeks. As a background artist, we decided that it was a good idea for me to meet with the story team while they storyboarded to help out and give them some ideas for environments. 

It's sort of been a collaborative effort since then, but now it's going to be all on me and Chay to get these things cranked out before the actual animation is done. I think in order to make it easier on myself that I'm just going to sketch out the structure to the backgrounds first and then have it approved by Tara and Emma before I go into Illustrator to work on the finished product. This way, the animators can use the sketches to animate on until the backgrounds are produced and polished.

We've decided to do them in a consistent double 1920x1080 format so that they can be zoomed into if needed. Chay and I have also decided to split them up by odds and evens so that there's more of a consistent look as opposed to one half looking one way and one half looking another (even if it's just by minor details). 

Here are some of the sketches that I've done so far:

There'll be more of these to come next week, and I'll probably have started refining some of them as well. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

DFM - Project Lost Files: Background Sketches

For the newest project in Design for Media we were assigned to different voted on projects. I am part of Emma Pennington's team and was assigned the part of a background artist. The story is about a young girl who loses track of her files on a school computer and then chases after a troll through the internet that stole them. 

I came up with the idea to turn websites into actual environments as you can see below.

Friday, September 28, 2012

DFM - Project Proposal: N O S T A L G I A


/nästaljǝ - noun:
1. A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
2. The evocation of these feelings or tendencies. 


The point of this essential reconnection is to take the viewer back to the places where they've felt most at home. There is a certain feeling that we've all experienced, a certain attachment that we've all developed and a certain place that we return to when we want to remember some of the most significant emotional happenings in our lives. 

For some of us, this is a place.
For some of us, this is a person.
For some of us, this is a pet.
For some of us, this is a character.
For some of us, this is a television show.
For some of us, this is a video game.
For some of us, this is a musician.

But for all of us, it is in the past.
It is the something that we run away and return to, revisit or remember.

It is an important part of life, and it is meant to reoccur. 

This project will showcase many examples of this feeling, and should conjure up the viewers' own connection to the past.

The viewer should leave remembering something that has done this for their life.

And they should leave never forgetting what these things can do in the future.

Revisit, reconnect and repair.



In order to make this emotional connection apparent, I wanted to juxtapose photography (this is a must. One of them must be a photo to create some sense of reality) and any other non-time based medium. This could be illustration, digital illustration, 3-D modeling, paint, graphite, photography, etc. This will be decided based upon who ends up being picked to create these pieces.

The important part is that the two come together seamlessly regardless of how abstract the addition to the photograph is. This is where the editors come in. They will edit the two different pieces together to create this overall connection and maintain its effect through the visual.

The most important part is that these photos will be monumental. It is very important to the concept because it is the intention of the project to immerse and absorb the audience in each of these pieces. If the photos are not incredibly large in physical size, it would not have as great of an effect.

Finally, I'd like the final images to be black and white. I find that it has a more profound effect on the audience than colored images.



Look here to figure out how this project will come together. There will be a section for photographers (under direction of a head photographer), a section for the other pieces of artwork (under direction of a head artist) and a section for the editors that will bring the images together.

Organization Chart
(I have listed the different medium artists as illustrators in the chart for convenience purposes.)

I would specifically like to be the art director of this project, and would really like to see the following people on my team in each respected category:

Colin Wendt as The Director, Director of Photography, Director of Illustration or a Photographer.
Chelsea Tanksley as The Director of Photography or a Photographer.
Jinny Hinkle as The Director of Illustration or an Illustrator.
William Oglesby as a 3-D modeler.
Anthony George as an Illustrator (Digital Painting). 
Beth Wollman as an Illustrator.
Callie Braceras as an Illustrator (Digital Painting).
Chay Ruby as an Illustrator or Painter.

If I've mentioned your name above, it's because I have seen the work that you produce and respect that you'll produce something capable of making this project come to life.

It's also a good idea to keep in mind that I've mentioned you for that specific job, but that doesn't mean that you can't propose to do something in a different medium or have a different job on the team all together. 


Here is a Gantt Chart to help visualize what will be happening, and when.

Gantt Chart

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animation I - Assignment 2: Metamorphosis

I've finally finished my second assignment for Animation I! This assignment was to morph one object into the next object back into the first. I had a really fun doing it, but I'm sort of disappointed with my in betweens. I do feel like my ability to animate more fluidly grew with this project, though! That's a plus. 

You can view the video here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DFM - Project Hiroshi Hayakawa: Final

It's finally finished! This ended up turning out ok for me. For as much time as I spent on it I wish it would look more complete, but I was having a hard time bringing things together at the end. I finished rendering each of the figures and added some stronger highlights, then went back in and tried to 'air brush' a more saturated feeling to the over-all piece with some of the brighter colors from my palette. I zoomed in to render some of the patterns in the clothing and fur and tried to bring in some of the background color to the figures to give a unified look.

All in all, I'm not too unhappy with the piece. In the end, it was more for experimentation for me as a digital painter than anything else. I learned a lot about the process and feel like I essentially got over what was baffling in the beginning. Hopefully this'll prompt me to practice more!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

DFM - Project Hiroshi Hayakawa: Painting Update

I've been really busy this past week, but I've definitely made some progress on this current project. The process hasn't changed much - I've just been zooming in and painting the separate figures but kept in mind the color scheme so that they'll feel unified when the piece is finish. I have a long way to go, but I've laid down a significant foundation for a finished piece. 

Here's what I have:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DFM - Project Hiroshi Hayakawa Progress - First Shadings

So this post is just about a little bit of progress toward the final piece. I've basically done nothing but lay down some tones slightly darker and less saturated than the flats, then mixed in some purple depending on the color scheme that I'm going for with each character out of the restricted palette.

Here's what I have:

Next, I zoomed in and tried to paint in a more detailed fashion. I even out the tones and softened the skin a bit, and I have to finish the clothes and work on the clothing/background.

This is what I have: